Will Donald Trump win the 2020 election? It looks like he will.

President Trump's presidency could be described as a roller coaster full of strange and angry tweets, Russian conspiracy theories, and poor policy decisions. However, in spite of these things, President Trump stands a good chance at being re-elected, unless specific events happen, such as an economic recession or the democrats somehow find a good contender.

5 Ways Trump is making America weaker

One of the first things Trump did when he became president was to withdraw the US from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. This was the beginning of Trump weakening America. And since withdrawing the US from the TPP, he did several other things that has weakened America.

It's time for more government regulation on Facebook and other tech companies

The ongoing privacy issues happening with social media companies may be bad news for tech stocks, but it has led to something very important. It has made people aware of the impacts technology has on government and democracy in general. And now politicians are even speaking about it in the United States (US), European Union (EU), and the United Kingdom (UK). If this momentum keeps going then maybe we'll see regulation that will bring about a change in the way tech companies operate.

How much larger will leading tech companies, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, grow?

Some of the largest tech companies, Facebook, Google, and Amazon, have had a good run but it looks like at least two of these companies (Facebook and Google) may have reached their apex. By reaching their apex, I mean to say that these companies may have matured from young companies with rapid growth to companies from which investors should expect to receive slower long term gains.

America's debt is out of control, it's time to increase taxes

Instead of cutting taxes, America should be increasing taxes. Right now America is in a phase of the business cycle where the economy is on the rise. Since the economy is on the rise all policies that could increase demand for goods and services should not be considered. Instead, the government should take advantage of being in this phase of the business cycle by increasing taxes.

Watch Trump and Putin's Joint Press Conference

On Monday July 16, 2018, President Donald Trump and President of Russia, Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki for a meeting, after which they delivered a joint press conference. During the Press conference the two leaders discuss the alleged Russian meddling in the US' 2016 election and other issues of significance.

Four things to know about Trump and Putin’s upcoming meeting

President Putin is known for being a great politician that knows how to spin facts and get what he wants. He’s shown at least this much during his communications and meetings with Obama. And if Putin can do such a thing to a person that has worked in congress for several years before becoming president then Trump really needs to look out and be prepared for his meeting with Putin.

A Brief Rundown on Trump's Trade Wars

The US' most infamous trade war is with China. Last week President Trump's administration placed a tariff of 25% on Chinese goods, affecting hundreds of Chinese products worth up to $34 billion. The products include medical devices, industrial machinery, and auto parts. However, the US can't sustain this back forth game of placing tariffs on China simply due to the fact that the US is running out of Chinese goods to tax.

For Kim Jong Un negotiating with the US is a waste of time

When it comes to the denuclearization of the Korean penninsula, the US is desperate to get anything accomplished that could possibly lead to denuclearization. However, North Korea's nuclear weapons gives the North the upper hand over the US in negotiations and North Korea will likely continue developing and maintaining nuclear weapons until the US can somehow convince them otherwise.